Purebeau Fibroblast

Introducing the revolutionary Purebeau Fibroblast non invasive lifting

PUREBEAU revolutionizes its holistic approach to the natural perfection of beauty with a new breakthrough method, the PUREBEAU FIBROBLAST.

Purebeau Fibroblast is one of the newest skin treatments currently available in the UK.
In less than an hour this treatment provides a permanent eyelift without surgery with immediate results.

Using innovative ‘plasmatic lightning’ the skin around the eye area is tightened, resulting in natural rejuvenation and immediate results.

In addition to eye lifts this treatment can also effectively treat saggy skin around the face and eyes such as general wrinkles, frown lines, neck and upper lip.

How It Works

The Purebeau Fibroblast handpiece produces a tiny plasma flash from its tip. This flash leaps over from the tip to the skin and lets it evaporate superficially there in a tiny, micromillimeter-sized point. The superficial point minimises the skin in its immediate vicinity.

Further points are placed and generate a reduction grid. By the way of their arrangement, these points can equalize skin excesses.

Result: the skin area is markedly sharpened.

Advantages of the revolutionary lifting effect

In contrast to conventional surgery, the area cannot be “lifted too much“, because only the natural skin excess is minimally invasively reduced.

The result is visible directly during the treatment and remains long after healing.